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Workflow Solutions

Workflow is concerned with the automation of procedures where documents, information or tasks are passed between participants according to a defined set of rules to achieve, or contribute to, an overall business goal.

Whilst workflow may be manually organised, in practice most workflow is normally organised within the context of an IT system to provide computerised support for the procedural automation and it is to this area that the work of the ITSthe1 is directed.

Workflow is often associated with Business Process Re-engineering, which is concerned with the assessment, analysis, modeling, definition and subsequent operational implementation of the core business processes of an organisation or business entity.

Although not all BPR activities result in workflow implementations, workflow technology is often an appropriate solution as it provides separation of the business procedure logic and its IT operational support, enabling subsequent changes to be incorporated into the procedural rules defining the business process.

ITSthe1 creates Workflow Management Systems whereby it provides procedural automation of a business process by management of the sequence of work activities and the invocation of appropriate human and/or IT resources associated with the various activity steps.

Our highly qualified staff with extensive IT knowledge, Business Process Management, TQM and Six Sigma methodologies will create the right solution for you.

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