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Web Solutions

Corporate, Medium & Small Business Web Sites.

Deciding whether your small, medium business, or enterprise organization needs a web site for the new millennium, is not a technology decision … it’s a business decision.

You’ve heard that web sites help small businesses promote their goods and services to over 75 million potential customers in over 170 countries 24 hours a day.

You’re excited about leveraging the power of the Internet to open up the lines of communication with internal and external customers and reducing your telecommunications costs while improving your overall customer satisfaction.

You’re fully aware that your competitors already have web sites and are successfully communicating and marketing to your current and future customers.

You think that creating a professional online presence (web site or Intranet) is too expensive and takes too much effort.

Well … it doesn’t have to be.

Our team of designers and consultants have a wide array of expertise that will kick-start your online marketing presence to help you leverage the playing field in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Whether it is a simple web site for company presence, or a complex e-commerce solution, ITSthe1 can provide the right solution. Using state-of-the-art technology such as HTML, Flash, SHTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, PHP, Java, PERL, CGI and SQL to suit your requirements, we can offer all-inclusive design/hosting packages. We can also provide development-only with ongoing site maintenance or short-term consulting on web site improvement.

Regardless of your web site needs, we promise to deliver a cost-effective solution that best meets your organizational goals and budget requirements.

Dedicated Server Configuration

Server Leasing is the term used for renting a dedicated server system. We install & configure the dedicated server for you. The server will be physically on our network, directly connected to the Internet by our 4.3GB/s high speed redundant lines.

If you lease a dedicated server, you will have complete control over the server and you will manage the server yourself. That means you will get a root access.

When you lease your own server, there is no risk in sharing resources and programs with others. You can add and delete users, setup e-mail accounts, reboot the server remotely from anywhere etc.

Start your domain name search

Everything begins with the perfect domain name. Not only is it how your customers are best able to find you, but also allows you to present your brand in the best light.

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