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Small and midsize businesses don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the inherent benefits of being online, workflow management or e-commerce. They can’t spend a lot of time developing complex requests for proposals (RFPs), evaluate products and companies or negotiate service contracts, the way a larger enterprise might do looking for the right solution. But that is perfectly normal. After all why should they? When this is not part of their core business, diverting resources to doing this is a common mistake made by most SMBs. While constantly battling two enemies: time and money, they don’t have time to review every possible option, nor can they afford not to get it right the first time.

Outsourcing such requirements to someone who makes it their core business is the right move. This is where the consultancy services of ITSthe1 comes in. We make it our core business to source, evaluate and negotiate the best solution for you. Being totally independent of any vendor or product, we are able to take a totally unbiased approach to evaluation. Furthermore, our highly qualified staff with extensive IT knowledge, Business Process Management and Six Sigma methodologies enables you to find not just the best solution, but the right price too.

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