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eGovernment is the use of information technology to support government operations, engage citizens, and provide public services. E-government can support more streamlined and responsive service, wider public participation, and more cost-effective business practices at every level of government. It ranges in complexity from basic access to official information, to radically redesigned public processes. While e-government offers the opportunity to innovate, it also presents substantial policy, management, and technology challenges. Effective e-government initiatives require a realistic and comprehensive view of these challenges as well as a compelling vision of the benefits.

Key e-Government Goals

  • Improve Service to all audiences
  • Drive paper out of process
  • Reduce Service Delivery Time
  • Increase Productivity of Government Personnel
  • Provide Greater levels of service and coordination

An e-Government strategy gives government agencies the ability to control the entire public and interagency interface experience, from beginning to end. Many government clients start their journey to e-government with a simple website redesign, and develop online services in phases through Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and ITSthe1’s wealth of experience building easy to use solutions.

Every government transaction within the Public Sector and with outside agencies will be capable of being delivered electronically

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These are our two e-form samples in PDF format for UAE Etisalat applications in Arabic and English.


What is the new eForm PDF+Forms Module product?

The PDF+Forms Module is a new add-on to eForm that delivers professional design, publishing, collection and automated processing of forms using the Adobe PDF 4 file format.

The PDF+Forms Module includes:

  • PDF Export add-on for eForm Form Designer
  • eForm Internet Server
  • eForm Sendform CGI application
  • PDF+Forms User Guide
  • One full copy of Adobe Acrobat 4.0

What can PDF+Forms Module do?

PDF+Forms turns the Adobe PDF file format into a “professional online forms” format. Using the product organizations can:

  • Design new forms with point & click tools and publish them in Adobe PDF format
  • Convert existing paper forms into fill-able PDF forms with point & click tools
  • Add “submit” features to online PDF forms that automatically process form information to server and back office applications
  • Embed data validation and verification features into PDF forms that are submitted online via Web or Email clients
  • Allow users to print PDF forms, complete them by hand, and scan or fax them into the automated process

Who should buy the PDF+Forms Module?

Adobe PDF is the de facto standard for online warehousing of digital documents, where organizations place documents online and allow employees and customers to print documents on demand. These online documents include data sheets, memos and “forms”, which are commonly printed and completed by hand.

PDF+Forms allows these same organizations to publish online forms that can be completed online, and processed automatically on the server. PDF+Forms also lets users print blank PDF forms, complete them by hand, and scan or fax them into the automated processing system on the server.

PDF+Forms lets organizations use PDF for complete forms publishing, collection and processing. While many online forms will remain HTML forms, it is expected that “online professional forms” will become PDF forms.

Some direct targets of PDF+Forms include:

  • Users that have adopted PDF as a document standard within their organization and who want to support online form filling and processing with PDF
  • Users who publish internal forms via online forms warehouse.
  • Users who want to maintain a common look & feel for paper and online forms
  • Users who want to automate the collection and processing of digital and paper forms
  • Users who want to integrate forms processing into workflow and knowledge management environments
  • Users who want to publish forms via email, ftp or file systems

What is in the PDF+Forms Module?

The PDF+Forms Module includes:

  • PDF+Forms Module product
  • Installation Guide
  • User Guide
  • Adobe Acrobat

Can I export a PDF into my backend imaging system?

Yes. Exporting documents or forms as PDF is a feature of eForm.
There is no requirement for the PDF+Forms product for this feature. This capability does require the installation of Adobe Acrobat 4.0 on the eForm workstations in the configuration.

What validations are performed on the client side at the time of user form completion?

Client-side validations include:

  • Field-length enforcement
  • Type checking (e.g., alpha, numeric)
  • Enforcement of templates (character level type checking)
  • Entry required
  • Pre-filled values
  • Range checking for numeric values
  • Range checking for dates

Can I include drop down lists in my PDF form? Are the lists automatically updated?

Dictionaries or database look-ups setup in Designer can be automatically converted to drop-down lists. Because eForm embeds the list data into the PDF at the time it is exported from eForm, the list will remain static after export.

Does PDF+Forms convert existing forms into PDF?

Existing paper forms can be scanned and put into the Form Designer, where fields can be applied using the standard tools in Designer.

All existing eForm forms can be published as PDF via the Export feature. Simply select PDF as the export format.

How does PDF+Forms support Digital Signatures?

Adobe Acrobat Version 4.0 provides the ability for a user to digitally sign a PDF. PDF+Forms creates standard PDF files that can be opened with Acrobat 4.0 and digitally signed. This is valuable for revision control or for proof of authorship.

Acrobat provides base line digital signing and also supports Entrust signatures.

Can I use PDF to distribute forms to remote locations? Including existing forms?

One of the key benefits of PDF over other electronic formats like HTML is its portability. Forms created within, or scanned into, eForm Designer can be exported to PDF and distributed by email, FTP, disk or CD, or posted to a web site.

What is FDF and does PDF+Forms require this?

FDF is a companion file format for Adobe PDF. PDF+Forms is able to deliver complete forms capabilities without requiring the use of additional FDF files.

What options are available for submitting data? What is required for each?

  1. Submit forms via the Web. Online submission sends PDF form data directly to the server. Requires an online connection, a web browser, and Acrobat Reader 4.0 (free).
  2. Submit forms via Email. Submitting completed PDF forms from within an Email requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0.
  3. Print forms and fax them into the eForm server.
  4. Print forms and scan them into the eForm server.

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