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Emerging technologies and the Internet are driving new business and communication opportunities at a rapid pace. Your network infrastructure, both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), is the foundation enabling these opportunities for your business. Whether you are integrating new technology with legacy systems, upgrading hardware and software (routers, switches, servers, etc.), performing bandwidth optimization or prioritizing network traffic, the challenge remains the same: balancing high performance and availability with reasonable costs.

ITSthe1 provides the expertise, experience, and industry partnerships to help you match your needs to the right technology solutions. We design and deploy new LAN and WAN infrastructures that bring your business computing needs alive and meet your budget.

Local and Wide Area Network services include:
  • Network Wellness Assessment
  • Network traffic analysis and bandwidth optimization
  • Remote office connectivity design and implementation
  • Router and switch design, configuration and implementation
  • Integrating new technologies with legacy systems
  • Network management tools and procedures
  • Converged technologies for Voice, Data and Video
  • Fibre to the home Network Solutions
  • Firewall security
  • Internet connectivity

Network Upgrade

Network upgrades are the result of software "end-of-life" issues (NetWare 4.2/5.0, Windows NT, etc.), high-speed and bandwidth needs, Internet and IP convergence solutions. Also, your industry has core applications that "run your business" and these software solutions have issues that require network upgrades. If the vast number of options to finalize on the best upgrade platform for your network is delaying your implementation, call on ITSthe1. We provide you with the experts certified in the leading operating systems (Novell, Microsoft, Citrix, etc.). We will build your new network with the knowledge gained from nearly twenty years of experience.

Wireless Network Solutions

Freedom. That’s what a wireless network offers you. Complete freedom to move anywhere—inside or outside the office walls—and still have complete access to your network. Check your E-mail without having to look for a free data port. Enjoy a client meeting on your patio with full network capabilities—for everyone.

Until recently, a wireless network was perceived as costly, slow, or only to be used where cabling was impossible. Now, with new industry standards such as IEEE 802.11, a number of affordable and sophisticated wireless networking solutions are available, and even preferable. For warehouse inventory, point-of-sale PDA’s, and office “sharing” for mobile workers, wireless networking is the solution.

Wireless networks also offer obvious benefits for non-mobile or desktop workstations located in remote areas where cabling is impractical. At trade shows, exhibitions, school or business meetings, where the time-consuming and costly installation of trailing cables can also pose a safety concern, wireless networks are the solution.

ITSthe1 consults with your team to determine what solutions will work best for your business. Our unbiased and no-nonsense approach allows us to find the most cost effective solution, enabling your business to better manage growth into the future.

Some of the wireless solutions we offer are:

  • Wireless LANs
  • Wireless WANs
  • Wireless network design
  • Wireless consulting
  • Product comparison
  • RF, optical laser, satellite, wireless VoIP
  • Wireless site survey and installation
  • Briefings on the benefits of wireless technology
  • True secure wireless designs
  • Data rates up to 100mbs

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