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Digital business cards is a full-scale presentation in the palm of your hand… More importantly - In your client's hand.

A digital business card (digi card or mini-cd) is a packaged multimedia business card. It is customized with your company's message and product information. The CD plays on any standard tray-type CD-ROM drive. The card is the size of a credit card, and has the impact of taking the customer right into your business, having the effect of a personal visit. The interactive features encourage "hands-on" interfacing with your company's products.

Digital business cards hold entire multimedia presentations including audio, video, animation and text. They are available in different shapes and can be four-color silk-screened on the face. Their enhanced graphic imaging draws people to the message and the interactive features encourage hands-on experience. The multimedia nature of digital business cards encourage people to use and share them, doubling or tripling the exposure to your company, its product and your web site.

Share your message using the latest format and technology. Promote your company and your web site to its fullest potential. The cost of digital business cards is unbeatable in the world of marketing.

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